Welcome to OceanWerks!

OceanWerks is an internet collaboration band, we write & record via the net.

The founding & current members reside in Seattle & Florida, USA and Melbourne, Australia.

OceanWerks was formed in 2007 after the founding members met on a musicians forum called The Womb.

Michael had a demo of a couple of tracks (Promises & Never Imagined) and was looking for a vocalist and a drummer.

Morty stepped up to the challenge, writing & performing the lyrics to Promises and later to Never Imagined. This process went so smoothly they started to write together...

Andy was picked after submitting the perfect drum track for Promises & delivering another superb track for Never Imagined shortly after. Andy is also a vital part in the writing process.

Mark, also a member of the Womb, became a member of OceanWerks at same time when he offered to replace the fake brass section in Promises with the real thing (the real thing being Colin, his brother-in-law). This started the process of inviting guests into the tracking process.

Writing continues when inspiration & time permits.

We hope you enjoy what you hear...

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